The basic principle and commitment of Ariston Care’s Management is to provide its customers with reliable products and services that fully meet their requirements and expectations in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
To achieve this, we have developed and implemented a Quality Management System that fully meets the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015, and we provide all the necessary resources for its operation. Our primary commitment is to continuously improve the effectiveness of the System.

The Company’s management sets measurable objectives for quality improvement, consistent with this Policy, which it constantly monitors and adapts, using appropriate indicators to ensure their adequacy and effectiveness through regular and extraordinary meetings it has established for the System Review. At the same time, it reviews the relevance and, if necessary, revises this Policy so that it remains always up to date and in line with the operational, technological and legislative / regulatory developments. The overall objectives from the implementation of the System are:

  • Establishing stable, long-lasting relationships with our customers, suppliers and partners on the basis of everyone’s common interest,
  • Choosing the right people, technical resources, processes and methodologies to increase the quality of our products and services and the satisfaction of our customers,
  • Continuous investment in the development of highly value-added solutions that meet the requirements and expectations of customers and create the prerequisites for expanding our clientele,
  • Reliable and timely implementation of our services within the specified requirements.

In order to achieve the company’s goals, the Company’s management considers necessary to involve all the parties and to develop their initiatives. The company promotes our associates’ ability to express their opinion and to make suggestions for improvement. This considered to be particularly important in improving the Company’s operations, but also in enhancing the spirit of participation and co-operation. In this context, Ariston Care constantly trains its associates so that they can respond to customer requests and expectations.

With a view to better informing and raising awareness of our partners, suppliers and customers, This Policy is communicated to and made available to all interested parties by posting it on prominent points within the company with a view to informing and raising awareness of our partners, suppliers and customers.